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How We Work

East River Marketing is committed to delivering a significant return on client's marketing expenditures. It's a commitment that compels us to guarantee the results of our efforts. If East River Marketing doesn't deliver great value and marked results, you don't pay, period.

We have come to this point of view after years of witnessing clients get bad marketing advice from marketers who failed to understand their client's business, and whose goals were not aligned with those of their clients.

We've learned that the best, most successful marketing is based on sound strategic thinking. Strategy, as well as execution, should be informed by insights that make the results compelling. Rather than focusing first on the implementation, it is crucial to identify the issues that marketing is able to address, define measurable objectives, and build strategic approaches to drive results. Only then should resources be committed to implementation, and only if the projected returns justify the expenditure.

East River Marketing works with a selected group of marketing professionals to provide clients with personalized, strategic, results-oriented marketing. We take pride in focusing on solutions and managing costs to keep our clients' marketing expenditures in line with projected returns.

If you'd like a closer look at the East River, we'd like to show you how we can work together.